Healthy Teeth are Important!  They are necessary for oral health and proper development.  Baby teeth assist with chewing, making sounds and eventually talking!  Your Baby’s primary teeth are responsible for creating the space for their permanent teeth.  Great tooth care habits start early!

Start Brushing Baby Teeth Right Away!

The sooner you start a tooth brushing routine the better.  In fact, its best to start before your baby even has any teeth.  Gently wipe your baby’s gums with a wet cloth or a wet piece of gauze wrapped around your finger.  A finger toothbrush is another great option for cleaning those first teeth.

My daughter really enjoyed her training toothbrush gum massager and her toothbrush teethers.  Be gentle as you baby’s gums will be sensitive from getting these new teeth, but a gentle massage/cleaning should help with the pain.  Get into a routine of cleaning your baby’s teeth 2 times a day.  Always brush baby’s teeth before bedtime.
When your Teething Baby is about 1 year old its time to switch to a training toothbrush.  A good training toothbrush should have a small head with soft bristles and a long handle to make it easier to reach into your baby’s mouth.  If your baby wants to “do it myself”, great!  Get them a soft bristled brush with a short chunky handle, so it will be easier for them to hold and control.  At this point you can even use a tiny bit of training toothpaste.  Encourage your child to brush their own teeth, but always follow this by brushing them yourselves as well.  I would tell my daughter that I just wanted to “check” and make sure that she didn’t miss anything, then I would “find” a “spot of sugar” and we would turn my brushing of her teeth into a big game.

There is 2 different schools of thought when it comes to the best time for your baby’s first visit to the Dentist.  The American Academy of Pediatrics suggest that 3 or 4 years is the right age to introduce your child to their dentist.  While The American Dental Association, along with the Canadian Dental Association say that your child should have their first dental visit about 6 months after your baby’s first tooth erupts.

Early preventative care is best, and very important if your family has a bad dental history, or you suspect that their might be a problem.  The most common, chronic childhood disease is tooth decay!  Its 5 times more prevalent than asthma, and over 20% of children between the ages of 2 and 3 have at lease 1 untreated cavity.

Your baby’s first visit to the Dentist should be more of a consultation or assessment.  The Dentist should talk to your child about brushing their teeth, on our 1st visit my daughter got a great demo on a giant set of teeth, and got to brush the giant teeth too!  During the assessment your dentist will examine your child’s teeth and possible give a fluoride treatment.  This visit should be very easy going, more about familiarizing your child with their new Dentist and all that

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