I had already told you in a previous lesson how to adjust the column width.
In this lesson, we will discuss this in more detail.
To adjust the column width, position the cursor between two column letters, and when it changes to a four-part arrow click a drag to the left or right.
The column on the left is the column that will adjust.
Double-clicking with the four-part arrow will automatically adjust the column width to the longest text in the column.

The same when you want to adjust multiple columns.
Select the different columns with the shift-key pressed, and click and drag with the four-part arrow to the position you want as the width for these columns.
If the columns are not adjacent, hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard while clicking it.

Same for multiple columns.
Select the different columns, and click and drag a dividing line between two columns.

As you can see, each selected column was brought to the same width.

Ditto for the rows.
Place the cursor between two-row numbers, and when it changes into a four-part arrow click and drag.

Double-click the dividing line between two rows or two columns to automatically adjust the width/height.

When you adjust the width or height of columns or rows, a window appears that shows the width or height, depending on what you are doing, in pixels.
Are you well helped with this?
I have never used that before, and I never use it.

Better then you have the options column width and row height under the menu item “Format” under the tab “Start”.

When you click on this, a window appears in which you can set the column width or row height manually.
A lot more convenient.

For information:
To quickly select all columns and rows in your worksheet, click the column selector button.
Then double-click a dividing line between two column letters, and then a dividing line between two rows.
All cells then immediately have the correct width and height.

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